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About Us

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The beginning of our activity

Since 2010 we have been supplying high-quality spare parts for machines to the companies of food processing industry. The profound knowledge of the specifics of production based on many years of work in processing plants has made us able to develop the offer that meets our customers’ requirements. The next few years of very good cooperation confirm our belief that features such as reliability, unswerving quality of deliveries or short period of realisation result in increasing trust of our customers.
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Our activity

Since the beginning of our activity, we have been primarily concerned with providing supplies to maintenance departments in processing plants. We offer parts for basket and belt presses as well as mills and pumps. We do not ignore any inquiries. We are always trying to offer our customers the best solutions and select specific parts on the basis of price/quality ratio.
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Since the beginning of our activity, we have been cooperating with the German company Macra which produces drainage elements for presses: filter cloths and drains. In 2014, the owner of Macra suggested the continuation of filter cloths production under the Insol brand. We have moved the production of filter cloths to Poland and since then we have been continuously developing this department and introducing new solutions. In order to keep the highest quality of the filter cloths and drains offered by Macra, we have stayed with the same German raw material suppliers.
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Concentration of sediments after ultrafiltration

Our portfolio also includes various projects that reduce the costs of production. Since a few years, we have been cooperating with the company Intermasz which has resulted in the implementation of several installations used for concentration of sediments after ultrafiltration.
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Other optimisation solutions

It is a part of our company that is being constantly developed. Many years of work in the processing plants as well as the gained experience allowed to notice the problems of an average plant:
  • high energy expenditure;
  • loss of juice (extract) at various stages of the process;
  • high maintenance costs
Choosing the solutions of our company can significantly improve the production economy.

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